Old Mulkey Meetinghouse State Historic Site will host a Civil War re-enacting group that will include a period wedding ceremony as part of the weekend’s events June 14-15, 2014.

The 9th KY Volunteer Infantry (9thky.org) will set up camp at the park, and the public can enjoy this living history experience starting at 9 a.m. both days. The Union Army re-enactors will drill, cook, discuss weapons, and talk about the history of the Civil War unit.

An actual wedding of two members from the re-enactment group will be Saturday, June 14, at 5 p.m. at the meetinghouse. It will be conducted as a wedding during the Civil War. Visitors are welcome to observe. A reception will follow with Civil War-era music and dancing.

Weather permitting, wet plate photography will be demonstrated throughout the day Saturday.  For more information, call 270-487-8481 or visit www.parks.ky.gov.

Old Mulkey Meetinghouse is the oldest freestanding log meetinghouse in Kentucky, built in 1804 during a period of religious revival. The structure has 12 corners in the shape of a cross and three doors, symbolic of the Holy Trinity.   The site in Tompkinsville is about 25 miles south of the Edmonton exit on the Cumberland Parkway.

Date: June 14, 2014—June 15, 2014
Event: Civil War Group Meets at Old Mulkey Meetinghouse in Tomkinsville, Ky on June 14-15, 2014
Topic: Civil War Event
Public: Public

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