Civil War Collectors: Great Places to Find Civil War Memorabilia

Civil War Books and Merch

A lot of Civil War Buffs are also collectors – collecting anything (books, mugs, caps, figurines, chess sets..) related to the War Between the States.

While there are plenty of online resources (See: Civil War Memorabilia on Amazon, for example), collectors can also find ways to add to their collection offline.

In certain parts of the country, State Parks (with gift shops) can often surprise you with their collections as can other historical attractions.   The Civil War merch shown here is part of a very impressive collection at The 1850’s Homeplace.

The Homeplace is part of Kentucky’s beautiful Land Between the Lakes recreation area – even though The Homeplace, itself, is located in Tennessee.  The Homeplace has Civil War mugs, caps, books, figurines, and more – basically everything a collector could hope for.

If you’re in this beautiful area, I highly recommend visiting The Homeplace.

In the meantime, be sure to check similar historical attractions in your area. They’re great resources for Civil War merchandise and memorabilia.

Civil War Caps


Civil War Merchandise


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